The Phoenix is Rising at Battersea Arts Centre

The Phoenix is Rising at Battersea Arts Centre

Two years ago, on 13 March 2015, a fire destroyed the Grand Hall at BAC. Next year, it will re-open with a Phoenix Season of shows and events inspired by its 125-year history.



From a mass vow-renewing ceremony with couples who have tied the knot in the Grand Hall to bringing back the annual Christmas lunch once laid on for pensioners in the borough, BAC are looking for ideas for celebratory public events to form part of the Grand Hall’s opening season. Your idea could be inspired by a personal memory or by a moment in its radical history.

Need inspiration? Browse these Grand Hall memories collected after the fire and visit BAC over the next 6 weeks to explore an interactive installation created by artists Anna Beecher and Kirsty Harris in collaboration with local school children and Wandsworth residents. Celebrate the history of this incredible public space and look forward to its future.

You can submit your event idea by tweeting @battersea_arts #BACPhoenix.

Read more about the Battersea Arts Centre Phoenix Centre on their website or in this article from The Guardian, featuring images of the restorative work, and details of the fire that destroyed the Grand Hall.


Borough-wide 20mph speed limit for Wandsworth

Borough-wide 20mph speed limit for Wandsworth

Council engineers are overseeing the introduction of new road markings and signage to inform drivers that they need to stick to the lower speed limit on all the borough’s residential streets.


The change, which was announced last year, followed a detailed public consultation lasting three months that saw widespread support for a 20mph limit.

Councillors from both parties represented on the council unanimously backed the change after it was announced that 59 per cent of residents who responded to the consultation supported lower speeds in quieter and less busy residential streets.

Limits will remain unchanged on Wandsworth’s busy main roads and on all Transport for London-controlled Red Routes. Results from the consultation showed that 64 per cent agreed the limit should not be reduced on main roads.

The council’s transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “Having received a very clear result from the consultation we have now completed the necessary legal formalities and can now implement the wishes expressed by the majority of our residents.

“In my view this change will make our streets safer for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

“We hope that improving safety levels will encourage people to leave their cars at home and travel instead by bike or on foot.

“If we can reduce the number of vehicles on our roads then not only will our streets be quieter and safer but there should also be an improvement in local air quality levels.”


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Book a hassle free MOT at Wandsworth Council’s test centre

Book a hassle free MOT at Wandsworth Council’s test centre

Wandsworth offers motorists fully approved MOT tests on cars and vans to ensure they are roadworthy and safe to drive.

And because the centre only carries out tests and doesn’t offer repairs, drivers can rest assured there’ll be no hidden extras or bogus recommendations for unnecessary work.

As a result the pass rate for vehicles tested by the council is higher than at some commercial garages.

Owners can make appointments Mondays to Fridays between 8am and 4pm. To book an appointment email or call (020) 8871 6761.

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Calling all ballet dancers, the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is delighted to announce that it will host three Boys Ballet Masterclasses in London, Edinburgh and Birmingham from Sunday 2nd April 2017.

Each two-hour high-tempo class will be led by a male teacher, with live piano accompaniment in a fun boys-only environment.

Designed for boys aged 7+years with basic ballet technique upwards, each masterclass will aim to encourage confidence-building, sociability and creativity whilst developing ballet technique, choreography, core strength, musicality, coordination and presentation.

Former professional ballet dancer Joel Morris, who will be teaching in Edinburgh said: “These boys might often be the only boy in their dance class. Here, they get their own time. They’re not the add-on or the afterthought. It’s really good for them to mix with other boys who dance. Instead of being the minority, they’re with lots of other boys with the same interest. It builds a community.”

Iain Mackay, Principal Dancer at Birmingham Royal Ballet and RAD Male Dance Ambassador will be teaching the London Boys Ballet Masterclass. He said:“It’s so much harder for boys to come to ballet than girls, and it’s a lot easier for them to walk away from it again. But the benefits of fitness, confidence and imagination are just the same. The push is to bridge that gap through programming and teaching methods that draw on and support boys’ wider interests, relating them to ballet and encourages their dance training.”


  • LONDON: 02 APRIL: Royal Academy of Dance, 36 Battersea Square, London, SW11 3RA

TIMES: 10.00am – 12.00pm:      Group A: Ages 7+, beginners to RAD Grade 3 or equivalent

12.45 – 2.45pm:             Group B: Ages 10+, RAD Grade 4 or equivalent and above


To find out more about upcoming events by the RAD, visit

For more information, please contact Zekra Rahman or Natalie Petrou at Midas Public Relations


Wandsworth’s average council tax bill to remain the lowest in the country

Wandsworth’s average council tax bill to remain the lowest in the country

The council executive backed the 2017/18 budget plan at a meeting earlier this week.

The report will now go before the full meeting of the council on March 8 for final approval.

If voted through, the council’s share of the tax rate would increase by 3.99 per cent, 2 per cent of which will be ring-fenced to fund social care.

The Mayor of London has announced plans to increase his share on the bill by 1.5 per cent and the Wimbledon and Putney Common Conservators have agreed a rise of 6.1 per cent in the levy they charge for the upkeep of this green space. This charge applies to 27,090 homes surrounding the commons and the increase amounts to £1.64 per property for the year.

Guy Senior, council finance spokesman, said:

“Like most councils we propose a modest increase in our tax rate for the coming year to help protect vital front line services from the impact of reduced government funding. Thanks to many years of prudent and robust financial management our average bills will likely remain the lowest in the country despite the increase.

“We continue to lead the way in developing new and innovative ways of reducing our spending, including our staff sharing arrangement with Richmond Council which is now helping us provide the same high quality services at a much reduced cost. We have also received a £13.2m new homes bonus as a direct reward for our successful regeneration and home building efforts. This money is being used to protect investment in local services and is just one of the ways our residents are benefiting from new investment in the borough.”

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