New organisation – Junction Ahead – gets the go-ahead from local businesses

New organisation – Junction Ahead – gets the go-ahead from local businesses

Following a YES vote from local businesses, new organisation Junction Ahead – Battersea’s Business Improvement District will begin work in April 2019 on behalf of the local business community surrounding Clapham Junction.

The new business led organisation will deliver an investment of over £1.8m in the town centre over a five-year term. The funds will be controlled by local businesses and used for physical improvements and events plus the development of a distinct identity for the area with the aim of attracting more visitors and boosting the economy.

The result was announced in November following a month-long postal ballot where the owners of businesses in the BID area voted in favour of the initiative. They have voted for a 1.5% levy on their business rates, which will raise around £370,000 per year to be used to support business growth.

This is the culmination of 18 months’ work for the business representatives on the BID Steering Group, who put together the business case tested in this ballot. Junction Ahead will be a not-for-profit company working on behalf of local business. It will address local business priorities under the following three themes:

Events and Festivals – Promoting an exciting annual programme of events

Safe and Welcoming – Tackling crime, antisocial behaviour and environmental issues to ensure Clapham Junction remains inviting to visitors, residents and employees

Marketing and Promotion – Development of a distinct identity. Promoting what the area has to offer

Junction Ahead welcomes local businesses to be involved with the delivery of its aims.

Get in touch if you run a business locally and want to discuss becoming part of the voluntary leadership team. 

Email to arrange to speak with somebody from the team.

For more details including the five-year business plan please visit:

BID Proposals

BID Proposals

The Clapham Junction Business Improvement District Steering Group is proposing to set up the Junction Ahead – Business Improvement District (BID). In order to establish a BID, a democratic ballot must be undertaken and should secure a majority ‘YES’ vote from businesses within the proposed BID area.

What is a BID?

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) bring benefits to local businesses that go beyond the services already provided by the local council. BIDs are a business-owned, led and funded initiative set up through a democratic ballot of eligible businesses. If the outcome of the ballot is a majority ‘YES’ vote, this leads to the formation of a new body that represents the local business base. The BID is funded by a levy that is payable by all businesses within the proposed BID area with a minimum rateable value of £17,000 or more.

What are the priorities for a BID in Clapham Junction?

Over 100 local businesses were consulted in Autumn 2017 about their perceptions and aspirations for the area. The three priority themes that businesses have expressed that they would like to see addressed are:

  • Events and festivals – the BID will work with traders and community groups to bring an exciting annual programme of events to attract more visitors.
  • Safe and welcoming – Addressing crime and antisocial behaviour would be a key priority for the BID, and the new organisation would work with the police and local authority to tackle this.
  • Marketing and promotion – the BID will develop a distinct brand and identity for Clapham Junction and will promote what the area has to offer by developing a joined-up marketing strategy and other digital platforms to boost the profile of the town and its businesses.

5 key benefits of a BID

  • A fully-resourced 5 year programme to enhance the town’s competitive position, delivering initiatives that businesses want to run see happen, over and above existing services.
  • Contribution from all parts of the town’s business community, with national chains and eligible independent business contributing equitably, according to their scale.
  • Opportunities to save real money on business costs through a shared purchasing scheme.
  • A strong platform to advocate for the town and its businesses and potentially attract external funding.
  • A strong and open governance model that gives businesses the opportunity to contribute to and engage with the BID.

How can you get involved in governing the BID?

The BID board will be made up of local businesses so you can have a say in how the BID is run.  You can also get involved in other steering groups focused on particular projects. If the BID receives a YES vote, we will circulate invitations to get involved in these groups.

The following will not be eligible for the BID levy, nor for the vote:

  • Business units with a rateable value of less than £17,000
  • ‘Central List’ properties that are not contained in the local rating list.
  • Advertising rights, telephone masts, delivery lockers, communication stations and ATMs
  • Residential estate offices
  • Local Authority Schools

All other types of business are eligible to vote in the BID ballot and to pay the BID levy

How will the BID levy be calculated?

The levy rate to be paid in respect of each hereditament each year is to be calculated at 1.5% of its rateable value at the ‘chargeable day’ (notionally 1 March each year). For the purposes of this calculation, the 2017 rating list will be used throughout the five-year term of the BID to ensure clarity for businesses on what they can expect to pay. Where a hereditament does not have a rateable value on the 2017 list (for example in the case of newly-built premises), the levy for that hereditament will be calculated using its rateable value on the most recent list.

Occupiers within the managed shopping centre (Shop Stop at Clapham Junction) that are subject to a service charge for management, will pay 50% of the levy.  Outward facing occupiers within the managed shopping centre will pay 83% of the levy.

How long will the BID last and when will it commence?

The BID term will be five years in duration from 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2024. Before the end of this period, the BID Board may choose to seek renewal of the BID for a further term, through a renewal ballot.

What area is covered by this proposal?

The proposed BID area covers the following streets, either in whole or in part:

Abyssinia Close, 16 Lavender Gardens, 51
Battersea Rise, 1-105 odd and 2-110 even Lavender Hill, 168-288 even, 187-325 odd and Battersea Arts Centre / Town Hall
Brighton Yard Lavender Sweep, 1-5 odd
Broomwood Road, 48 even, 59-63 odd Mossbury Road
Chatham Road, 70-74 Northcote Road
Falcon Lane Plough Road, 130-138 even
Falcon Road, southward of railway line Prested Road
Junction Approach Severus Road, eastern side
Shop Stop Shopping Centre St Johns Hill, 2-162 even and 1-229 odd
Latchmere Road, 124 St Johns Road

The area is shown in the map below:


Businesses have the opportunity to cast their vote on whether they wish to see a BID in Clapham Junction in the upcoming ballot process. The deadline for receiving postal votes is on Thursday 8th November at 5pm.

The ballot will be managed by Wandsworth Council and will run between Thursday 11th October 2018 and Thursday 8th November 2018. The ballot will be a secret postal ballot of the eligible hereditaments on the National Non-Domestic Ratings List at the time of the Notice of Ballot being issued. Where the occupiers of individual hereditaments have nominated in writing the name of the person who should vote on their behalf, the notice of ballot and ballot papers will be sent to them.

The results of the ballot will be announced on 9th November 2018. It is anticipated that the new organisation will be set up between January to April 2019, subject to a majority ‘YES’ vote during the ballot.


  • Northcote Road Business Network
  • PCS Commercial Union
  • Northcote Pub
  • Shop Stop Clapham Junction
  • Boots
  • Waitrose
  • St John’s Hill Traders Association
  • Battersea Arts Centre
  • Metro Bank
  • Network Rail station manager
  • Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce
  • Wandsworth Council


Download the full BID proposals: Battersea BID Brochure.

Download the BID Technical Details – Clapham Junction


If you have any queries in relation to the proposed ‘Junction Ahead’ BID, you can get in touch by emailing

The Phoenix is Rising at Battersea Arts Centre

The Phoenix is Rising at Battersea Arts Centre

Two years ago, on 13 March 2015, a fire destroyed the Grand Hall at BAC. Next year, it will re-open with a Phoenix Season of shows and events inspired by its 125-year history.



From a mass vow-renewing ceremony with couples who have tied the knot in the Grand Hall to bringing back the annual Christmas lunch once laid on for pensioners in the borough, BAC are looking for ideas for celebratory public events to form part of the Grand Hall’s opening season. Your idea could be inspired by a personal memory or by a moment in its radical history.

Need inspiration? Browse these Grand Hall memories collected after the fire and visit BAC over the next 6 weeks to explore an interactive installation created by artists Anna Beecher and Kirsty Harris in collaboration with local school children and Wandsworth residents. Celebrate the history of this incredible public space and look forward to its future.

You can submit your event idea by tweeting @battersea_arts #BACPhoenix.

Read more about the Battersea Arts Centre Phoenix Centre on their website or in this article from The Guardian, featuring images of the restorative work, and details of the fire that destroyed the Grand Hall.


Borough-wide 20mph speed limit for Wandsworth

Borough-wide 20mph speed limit for Wandsworth

Council engineers are overseeing the introduction of new road markings and signage to inform drivers that they need to stick to the lower speed limit on all the borough’s residential streets.


The change, which was announced last year, followed a detailed public consultation lasting three months that saw widespread support for a 20mph limit.

Councillors from both parties represented on the council unanimously backed the change after it was announced that 59 per cent of residents who responded to the consultation supported lower speeds in quieter and less busy residential streets.

Limits will remain unchanged on Wandsworth’s busy main roads and on all Transport for London-controlled Red Routes. Results from the consultation showed that 64 per cent agreed the limit should not be reduced on main roads.

The council’s transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “Having received a very clear result from the consultation we have now completed the necessary legal formalities and can now implement the wishes expressed by the majority of our residents.

“In my view this change will make our streets safer for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

“We hope that improving safety levels will encourage people to leave their cars at home and travel instead by bike or on foot.

“If we can reduce the number of vehicles on our roads then not only will our streets be quieter and safer but there should also be an improvement in local air quality levels.”


See the original article on

Book a hassle free MOT at Wandsworth Council’s test centre

Book a hassle free MOT at Wandsworth Council’s test centre

Wandsworth offers motorists fully approved MOT tests on cars and vans to ensure they are roadworthy and safe to drive.

And because the centre only carries out tests and doesn’t offer repairs, drivers can rest assured there’ll be no hidden extras or bogus recommendations for unnecessary work.

As a result the pass rate for vehicles tested by the council is higher than at some commercial garages.

Owners can make appointments Mondays to Fridays between 8am and 4pm. To book an appointment email or call (020) 8871 6761.

For more information, visit