Following a YES vote from local businesses, new organisation Junction Ahead – Battersea’s Business Improvement District will begin work in April 2019 on behalf of the local business community surrounding Clapham Junction.

The new business led organisation will deliver an investment of over £1.8m in the town centre over a five-year term. The funds will be controlled by local businesses and used for physical improvements and events plus the development of a distinct identity for the area with the aim of attracting more visitors and boosting the economy.

The result was announced in November following a month-long postal ballot where the owners of businesses in the BID area voted in favour of the initiative. They have voted for a 1.5% levy on their business rates, which will raise around £370,000 per year to be used to support business growth.

This is the culmination of 18 months’ work for the business representatives on the BID Steering Group, who put together the business case tested in this ballot. Junction Ahead will be a not-for-profit company working on behalf of local business. It will address local business priorities under the following three themes:

Events and Festivals – Promoting an exciting annual programme of events

Safe and Welcoming – Tackling crime, antisocial behaviour and environmental issues to ensure Clapham Junction remains inviting to visitors, residents and employees

Marketing and Promotion – Development of a distinct identity. Promoting what the area has to offer

Junction Ahead welcomes local businesses to be involved with the delivery of its aims.

Get in touch if you run a business locally and want to discuss becoming part of the voluntary leadership team. 

Email to arrange to speak with somebody from the team.

For more details including the five-year business plan please visit: